Muncie’s DC power packs provide all of your auxiliary hydraulic power needs for mobile applications. This includes: dump bodies, lift gates, bale spikes, snow plows, aerial lifts, aerial ladders, cranes, agricultural equipment, material handling, auxiliary power supply, man and scissors lifts.

We can also help you customize an assembly ideal for your application by varying the pump or reservoir size, the reservoir types, or the valve controls.


Standard Muncie DC power pack assemblies

Part NumberTypical applicationDescription
LP1A-0HXX06-000-AAuxiliary power supplyNo Reservoir, no Check, no RV, motor relay
LP1A-2HPJ06-000-A**Multi-function and auxiliary power supplyReservoir, including Check and RV, Port manifold to accept NFPA-D03 dir. valves**, has -6 DOT Ports
LP1A-2HPF06-100-CSnow plow (basic)Plow up/down, left/right, PO check’s, 4 Button electrical control, cross over relief valves, 1.5 qt. poly reservoir
LP1A-3HPJ06-020-CSA cylinders2 pos. 3 way, incl. check, rv, corded control
LP1A-3HPJ06-060-MTail gate (SA cylinder)2 pos. 3 way, incl. check, rv, man. hand control
LP1A-4HPJ06-000-CDA Cylinders2 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, corded control
LP1A-4HPJ06-020-CBale Spike (DA cylinder)2 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, PO ck’s, corded control
LP1A-4HPK06-100-CDA dump body3 pos. 4 way, incl. check, rv, port rv, corded control, 8.5 qt. Poly
LP1A-1VPL06-000-A**Multi-function and auxiliary power supply10.5 qt. Poly Reservoir, incl. check, relief valve, and valve enclosure, vertical mounting
** Valve port blocks sold separately (1 required per add on valve) Maximum 3 valves on enclosure style. NFPA-D03 valves sold separately.