Muncie is renowned for its comprehensive line of power take offs. Whether you require a single-or multi-gear PTOs, a reversible PTO, or a heavy-duty 8-bolt PTO, Muncie has dozens of options in a variety of speed ratios and torque ratings that allow you to apply the tremendous power of the engine on dump trucks, roll-off hoists, wreckers, aerial bucket trucks, tank trucks, truck mounted cranes and more.

The Muncie range of power take-offs:


The 2011 Ford Super Duty, equipped with the 6R140 automatic transmission and the Muncie FR66 Series PTO can transmit live power to your hydraulic system.

GBFR Series

The new GBFR Series allows for the mounting of driveshaft-driven components on Ford Super Duty 4x4 chassis.


FA6B provides PTO availability to narrow-frame chassis using Aisin and Allison 1000/2000 transmissions.


The FR and FA Series power take-offs were designed in cooperation with Ford Motor Company\'s engineers to fit the 5R110 "TorqShift®" and 4R100 automatic transmissions.


The TG Series is the industry’s most popular and versatile PTO design, and is still the heart of the Muncie PTO product family. The TG’s flexibility permits a wide variety of PTO/transmission applications, and wide gear design permits torque capacity for most truck equipment applications.

8405 / 6A

Muncie Power Products’ 8405/6A Series PTO provides a rigid structure for high vibration level at an economical cost.


The 10-bolt clutch shift PTO solution for limited clearance applications.


The CD05 Series power take-off is a constant drive (non-shiftable) PTO designed to fit tight mount applications.


The CD-10 Series Power Take-Off is a heavy duty, constant drive (non-shiftable) PTO designed for use on the Allison and Caterpillar automatic transmissions.


The Muncie CD40 Series PTO is designed for maximum PTO output torque for live engine driven equipment.


Muncie Power Products\' new "Alpha" Series PTO provides maximum clearance on Dodge Ram 4 x 4 chassis with manual shift transmissions.


The Muncie 82 Series is a heavy duty, manual shift, 8-bolt Power Take-off.