Muncie hydraulic valves and accessories
Muncie offers a complete line of valves to control the direction, pressure, and flow rate of the oil in a system, and accessory valves for pressure and flow controls or circuit selection.
The Muncie range of hydraulic valves and accessories:

Directional control valves

Directional control valves with capacities from 17 to 90 GPM.

17 series

17 series solenoid-operated valves capable of 3500 PSI and flows to 18 GPM.

V20 series

V20 series sectional-style valve with flow capacity to 30 GPM and rated to 3500 PSI.

60V and 90V series

60V and 90V series of large sectional valves are ideal for high-flow applications. These valves feature an open-center, parallel design with an adjustable main relief valve and can handle 2500 PSI and flows of 60 GPM and 90 GPM respectively.

Pilot valve

Pilot operated relief valves can be inline or tee-mounted and provide maximum pressure protection, even with widely varying flow rates.

MSV series

MSV series valve is a two position three way selector valve that handles pressures of 3000 PSI and flows of 60 GPM.


PFD-30 priority flow divider allows a portion of the system fluid to be directed to a function that needs to have priority over all others.