Clutch PTOs can be engaged and disengaged while the vehicle is in motion, preventing accidental PTO and transmission damage from improper shifting practices.
They can be designed for both manual and automatic transmissions and are the preferred type of PTO for automatics. Muncie offers clutch-style PTOs for SAE standard PTO openings as well as providing application-specific models.
The Muncie range of clutch-shift PTOs:

CS24, CS25

The CS24 Series Power Take-Off is a clutch-shift PTO designed for Allison World® and Caterpillar automatic transmissions.

CS10, CS11

The CS10 Series Power Take-Off is a heavy duty, 10-Bolt, clutch-shift PTO designed specifically for Allison World® and Caterpillar transmissions.


The CS41 Series Power Take-Off is an extra heavy duty, clutch-shift PTO designed for Allison World® and Caterpillar automatic transmissions.

CS6, CS8

The CS6 and CS8 series are clutch-shift PTOs designed to work on Allison 1000 and 2000 series automatics and many current manual transmissions.


The GA/GM series clutch-shift PTOs are designed in cooperation with GM engineers for the Allison 1000, 2000, 2400 series transmissions.


The SH Series PTO is an air-shift-only power take-off designed specifically for high-torque applications.


The SG Series single speed, single-gear PTO has the simplest design and fewest component parts of any Muncie PTO.


Muncie in partnership with our European operations offers a wide range of rear mounted PTOs for foreign & domestic transmission applications, including the Eaton ultra-shift automated manual transmissions & the new Caterpillar automatic transmissions.

RG, RL and 83

Originally designed for winch drives, these PTOs can be used to reverse rotation of the standard PTO output to match driven equipment.


The GB Series front mount gearbox offers a variety of options for crankshaft driven power take-offs.